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Cerakote Sees 'Eyewear of the Year' Award

Tuesday, November 29, 2016 / Rob Griffin / Back To All News

At this year’s ‘30th International Optical Fair Tokyo 2017’, Cerakote coated eyewear has won "Eyewear of the Year Award" in the ‘Functions & Technology’ category.  Suzutomo Co., Ltd. and Sanko Kogaku Co., Ltd. have collaborated to produce eyewear with a long lasting coating, preventing abrasion and corrosive wear and tear during ordinary use.

Sanko Kogaku has chosen Cerakote after independent testing; assuring Cerakote outlasts other coatings in durability.  One of the most remarkable features was the fact that Cerakote's corrosion resistance made a perfect choice for eyewear, as most coatings do not last against perspiration. Furthermore, adhesion to the titanium frame was exceptional, not requiring any primer or adhesive treatment, thus bringing down the manufacturing cost similar or less than to any other coatings on the market.


There are four Cerakote models which are coated with Coyote Tan, Crimson, Chocolate Brown and Tungsten Grey. To see the full list of award winners, visit http://www.ioft.jp/en/Concurrent-Events/Eoy-Awards/Winners1

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